Surviving your AHEC
Everything you need to know about AHECs, but were afraid to ask, is availble here, with
the possible exception of reviews of preceptors: I'm not sure whether I want to put those
on here yet. I have only experienced some of the locations; feel free to let me know what
else students will need to know.
A towel: generally, the sites that provide towels provide hospital towels. They get the job
done, but aren't very satisfying.

A flashlight: useful for power outages, or finding things you dropped in the parking area.

A power strip: because you can never have too many places to plug thing in.

A pillow, depending on how picky about these things you are.

Plus, all the things you thought of, but might need a mental checklist for: cell phone &
charger, laptop & AC adapter, Palm & charger, assorted food and beverages, clothes.
Things you'll want to bring to any AHEC living quarters
Information about specific sites
- Bryan (Bryan house)
- Lima (Lima Memorial house) -incomplete
- Sandusky (Sandusky dorms)