LAHEC - Lima (LMH House)
The digs

You'll be staying in a recently redecorated 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom house with an attached
1-car garage. There are two beds in the larger bedroom, so potentially 3 students could stay
here at any given time. (I doubt you'll be as lucky as I was--the roommate I was supposed
to have never showed up, so I had it all to myself.) There's plenty of storage space, enough
for everybody to get some clothesrack space and his/her own small dresser.

The cable works and the phone seems to be one of those VOIP things that has unlimited
long distance, if you're looking to save cell phone minutes. The kitchen is well-equipped
with new cookware, dishes, and silverware. You have control over the thermostat.

In general, this is probably one of the best thought-out student residences I know of. The
staff even included candles and flashlights in case of power outages.

Computer access

When I was there, the house had no computer, but did have a cable modem in the former
dining room (bring your own network cable or wireless router).

The meal plan

Other places to eat

There is no shortage of eateries in Lima, both chain and local. However, I don't know where
most of them are, as most of the non-hospital-cafeteria food I ate was provided by drug
reps. LAHEC provides a relatively comprehensive list when you move in; Mapquest is a
necessity. There is quite a selection of restaurants if you head towards I-75 from the house
(less than a 5 minute drive); there is also a Happy Daz almost directly across the street (fast
food, and I never ate there).

Among restaurants I ate at but have no idea about location, Lock Sixteen is probably the
best. They have pretty standard American fare. I've also had Mexican food from Bandido's;
it's nothing to write home about.

Kewpee (multiple locations) offers fast food, specializing in burgers. They're quite tasty,
about comparable to a Swenson's burger for you Akron-area natives (though I still prefer
Swenson's). Lee's Chicken (located just down Bellefontaine Ave. from the house) is at least
as good as KFC.

The Old Barn Out Back (yes, that's its real name; according to their website as I'm writing
this, they offer a seafood "buffett") is a buffet restaurant at the west end of town, on Elm St.
It's cheap and comparable to an Old Country Buffet.

By far the best meal I had in Lima was at the Main Street Bistro, which is located exactly
where the name suggests, in between Market and Elm. If it hadn't been for the drug rep, I
probably wouldn't have been able to afford to eat there, but the food was excellent.


Apparently, there are a number of stores in Lima, including a Super Wal-mart and a Meijer's.
I have no idea where those are, since I never really needed anything that I couldn't get at
Anderson's, which was conveniently on the way to my preceptor's office (at the west end of
town on Elm St).

Random stuff