SAHEC - Sandusky
The digs

You'll be living in an ex-nursing school dorm, in your own room (although there may be two
beds in the room). Each room has a bed, closets, dressers, a desk, and plenty of counter
space. I don't know about heat, but you get to control your own air conditioning unit as

Two rooms share a sink, toilet, and shower/bathtub; these are all in separate rooms (the sink
is more properly described as being in the hall), so you don't have to wait for your neighbor
to finish showering to start brushing your teeth. There are four rooms per floor, two floors
of rooms, and two wings: 16 rooms in all. All of you will share one central lounge with a TV
and modest kitchen facilities. The computer is here, as is your hospital-grade linen.

If you're at Firelands Hospital or one of the attached office buildings, it's a 4-5 minute drive
there. I used to ride my bike; that took about 7-8 minutes--it's a bit far to walk if you're in a

Computer access

The lounge area has a computer and printer. When I was there, the computer was extremely
slow. However, the dorm also houses DO students from across the country; some of them
are experienced travelers, and I had wireless access thanks to them probably all but 3-4 days
of the month I spent there. (Impressed by their planning, I subsequently spent $25 on my
own router for future AHEC use and never ended up using it.)

The meal plan

Firelands hospital gives you a card that allows you to buy up to a certain dollar amount of
food in their cafeteria per day ($12 when I was there). I only went over on one Saturday that
I was there; most times, I had enough left over that I took an occasional snack back to the

Firelands actually has two cafeterias: one on the main hospital campus, and one at the South
Campus (where the dorm is). The hospital cafeteria has longer hours and much better food
(significantly better than UTMC's cafeteria).

Other places to eat

I was in Sandusky for Surgery; I only ate out once: at Casa Fiesta, a Mexican restaurant on
Perkins Ave. west of Hayes Ave., within blocks of the dorm. It was extremely delicious. As
a fairly touristy place, however, Sandusky has no shortage of other restaurants.


There are all manner of stores off US 250 (which is most easily reached by taking Perkins
Ave. east), but be warned: that's how most Cedar Point traffic enters town. The closest
grocery store is a Kroger's on Perkins.

Random stuff

Do I really need to remind you that Sandusky is home to Cedar Point?

The street layout of downtown is said to resemble Masonic symbols.

A garage in downtown Sandusky towed and fixed my car when its alternator died on the
turnpike; I had been on the way to look at apartments in Toledo.